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Researchers : Financial Literacy and Education Commission: Progress Made in Fostering Partnerships, but National Strategy Remains Largely Descriptive Rather Than Strategic
Complete Description:In 2003, the Financial Literacy and Education Improvement Act created the Financial Literacy and Education Commission, which comprises 20 federal agencies and which the Department of the Treasury’s (Treasury) Office of Financial Education coordinates. Responding to a mandate in the act, GAO assessed the Commission’s effectiveness and in December 2006 recommended that the Commission (1) incorporate additional elements into its national strategy to help it serve as a true implementation plan, measure results, and ensure accountability; (2) expand current efforts to cultivate sustainable partnerships with states, localities, nonprofits, and private entities; (3) obtain independent reviewers for the required assessments of overlap in federal activities and the availability and impact of federal materials; and (4) measure customer satisfaction with its Web site and test its usability. This statement discusses the Commission’s progress in implementing GAO’s recommendations and key challenges the Commission faces. To address these objectives, GAO reviewed annual reports, meeting minutes, budget, and other information from the Commission, Treasury, and related entities, and interviewed selected representatives. GAO found that while progress has been made in fostering partnerships, the National Strategy remains largely descriptive. Resources and coordination across agencies are significant challenges.
Date Published:Wednesday, April 1, 2009
Author:Richard J. Hillman
Funding Agency: US General Accountability Office
Type: Testimony;
Source: Focus groups and/or interviews; Literature review;
Language: English
Audience: Researcher