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Researchers : Public Libraries as Financial Literacy Supporters
Complete Description:This report describes several linked empirical studies that examine the activities of public libraries in increasing the financial literacy of their service population. It describes a qualitative field study of librarians’ perceptions of the challenges in offering financial literacy-based information and services, and a parallel study of the perceptions of six “partners” – or outside organizations or individuals - that work with libraries to offer programs and services. It reports the results of a survey of the financial literacy programs and services offered by sample of public libraries and the priority audiences and topics of those programs and services. Finally, it includes an analysis of the finance- related hyperlinks contained on a sample of public library websites.
Date Published:Saturday, October 1, 2011
Author:Catherine Arnott Smith and Kristin Eschenfelder
Funding Agency: Social Security Administration, CFS - Wisc
Type: Working paper;
Source: Administrative data; Focus groups and/or interviews;
Language: English
Audience: Researcher