​Fun websites

​Some cool games about money

  • Save Perry’s Pennies -- This is a fun game that tests your skills at catching pennies with a piggy bank.
  • MoneyMemory -- This is a game of memory and knowledge about dollar bills and money symbols.
  • H.I.P. Pocket Change Games -- A collection of games for kids and teams that teach about collecting coins, money designs, and other activities.

A few videos to learn about advertisements, and how they encourage you to buy certain items

  • The Ad Decoder game -- Turn the pages of this on-line interactive magazine and learn about the messages behind the advertisements you see every day.
  • You Are Here game -- Enter a virtual Shopping Mall where you can learn about how to be a smarter shopper. You will hear more about advertising techniques, target marketing, suspicious claims about products, and more.

Information for parents and kids

  • Information about Social Security -- Here you will find what every kid and parent should know about Social Security. This site provides materials for children and parents to learn about Social Security and why it is important for families.
  • My Future, My Way-- Are you thinking about college or technical or trade school? Start here to learn how to go and pay for your education beyond high school.

High School Youth

  • Project Change -- a website with information and links for high school students on making a financial plan, spending smart, and the importance of starting to save, even when you’re in high school. The site includes a money game, a savings calculator and an interactive quiz.
  • Tips for Saving Money Five Ways to Cut Spending… and Still Get to Do and Buy Cool Things-- Do you want to find a ways to stretch your money? Here are some suggestions for knowing how much money you have, how much you need, and how to reach your goals by cutting back on what you spend.
  • How to Ace Your First Test Managing Real Money in the Real World -- As a teen, you're beginning to make some grown-up decisions about how to save and spend your money. That's why learning the right ways to manage money...right from the important. This article spells out a few important suggestions.
  • Preparing for Your Education -- Education beyond high school can give you choices that may not otherwise be possible, open doors to better paying positions, and give you the opportunity to do things you enjoy most.
  • Learn More about Taxes -- Whether you're "on assignment" or just browsing the Web, this set of 38 Understanding Taxes student lessons has something for everyone. Divided into two content areas — the Hows of Taxes and the Whys of Taxes — The Hows of Taxes shows you how to apply tax principles, while the Whys of Taxes explains tax history and theory.
  • MoneySmart Curriculum for Young Adults -- A comprehensive financial education curriculum to teach people ages 12-20 the basics of handling their money and finances, including how to create positive relationships with financial institutions.

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