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"Card skimming," involves attaching devices to money machines that read the information on your debit and credit cards when you swipe them. When combined with a nearby concealed camera to record your personal identification number (PIN), the thieves can get everything they need to drain your More information...
Audience: Individual Teacher
Type of Resource: Brief Consumer report Tips Tools
Tags: scams, fraud, card skimmers, protection
Date: 4/20/2017
Comparing written warranties can make a difference in your purchasing decisions. More information...
Audience: Individual
Date: 3/29/2013
Tips to help you understand how penny auctions work and recognize the pitfalls before you lose any money. More information...
Audience: Individual
Date: 3/29/2013
This edition of FDIC Consumer News focuses on small businesses. They are crucial to the U.S. economy and they're very important to the entrepreneurs who put their own money and long hours into operating and growing a company. If you're a small business owner – or you want to be – read our tips on More information...
Audience: Individual
Date: 4/5/2013