Outreach Toolkit

You can share this flyer about the website:  MYMONEY_FLYER.pdfMYMONEY_FLYER.pdf​​


You can use these graphics of the MyMoney Five to share information about key financial concepts.

MyMoney Five all.pdfMyMoney Five all.pdf

earn.jpgearn.jpgspend.jpgspend.jpgsave and invest.jpgsave and invest.jpgborrow.jpgborrow.jpgprotect.jpgprotect.jpg

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The Financial Literacy and Education Commission (FLEC) has developed a new national strategy to promote financial literacy and education. Promoting Financial Success in the United States: National Strategy for Financial Literacy 2011 was created through a process that included conversations with private, public, and non-profit representatives from the field. Articulating a vision of sustained financial well-being for individuals and families in our nation, this document sets strategic direction for policy, education, practice, research, and coordination in the financial literacy and education field in the U.S. and identifies four goals to focus this work: 1) increase awareness of and access to effective financial education; 2) determine and integrate core financial competencies; 3) improve financial education infrastructure; and 4) identify, enhance, and share effective practices.