Complete Description:CFPB recently talked with consumers and found that many of them aspire to manage their spending better. We heard that people would like to use budgets and plans, but these tools can be hard to use in guiding spending decisions in the moment. Over 90 percent of the consumers CFPB talked with were interested in tools that could tell them how much money would be left in their budget if they bought something. These consumers said that spending feedback tools could help them curb impulse spending, manage spending on special occasions, and reduce uncertainty about their financial situation. This paper discusses ideas for educators seeking to teach adults about money management and spending. This is part of a suite of resources helping consumers and financial educators who work with consumers on this topic, which includes a worksheet, and two research papers.
Date Published:Wednesday, April 5, 2017
Funding Agency: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Type: Guide; Report; Tools; Tips;
Source: Focus groups and/or interviews;
Language: English
Audience: Teacher, Researcher