Complete Description:This Toolkit is designed to provide caseworkers, independent living skills providers, congregate care providers, foster parents, and other supportive adults with strategies and resources to critically evaluate and improve their current approaches to financial capability. It is designed for those working with youth under the age of 18 and young adults over the age of 18 who are preparing to transition out of the foster care system. The Toolkit is a compilation of lessons learned, best practices and practical tools, which can be used together or separately, to help service providers methodically choose and integrate new strategies, programs, or interventions to improve the financial capability of the youth they serve. Additionally, content and tools can be tailored to meet stakeholder needs based on the intended outcomes of their services and the characteristics of the populations they are serving. The tools and resources are intended for a number of different actors in a child-welfare system and can be used in multiple situations.
Language: English
Audience: Individual, Teacher, Youth